The Book on Melinda Miles

Drawings and Sketches

drew constantly, at many levels. She sketched regularly from the live model,
drew still-lifes and portraits, travel scenes, street scenes and objects of interest. She
would routinely execute highly finished drawings as precise studies for paintings
and lithographs.

For the Special Edition, we have selected work from two groups:

--Relatively finished drawings which we have framed behind glass. Many of these are studies
for paintings or lithographs and may be of special interest to those collectors who own the
later work. In most cases, Melinda had not placed these for sale in any gallery; those that
are unsigned will be accompanied by estate documentation.

--Informal model and portrait studies, taken for the most part from her numerous sketchbooks.
These we've matted simply and in some cases the pieces will fit in the boxed sets for storage.
We make these available to those collectors who value something simple from the artist's
own hand, showing her drawing facility and something of her working process. None of these
are signed; they will come with estate documentation.

Go here for the pages of framed work: Drawings

Go here for the pages of sketchbook work: Sketches

On Pricing:

This Special Edition offer is a singular situation. We are acting as neither the artist's
dealer, nor even
as the artist might in mid-career. We are the estate's trustees. In publishing
the book we are acting on behalf of the artist's interest in the life of her work.

The book will introduce Melinda's artwork to a wide audience and this Special Edition offer
will help fund that effort. Therefore, we feel justified in extending special pricing to those who
wish to participate. The prices on the above-linked pages are for a single image, either
matted or framed. In an order for multiple images, we will discount as follows:

Two to three = 15%
Four or more = 30%

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