The Book on Melinda Miles

The Book

Specifications of the retail Trade Edition of the book:

The Trade Book:

    goes to press:            August 2013
    distribution date:        on or around Nov 1st, 2013
    publisher:                   Fresco Fine Art Publications
    printer:                       printed in Italy
    color plates:               approximately 175
    page count:               approximately 200
    page size:                  11" x 11"
    binding:                      hard-cover
    distribution:                University of New Mexico Press

    text:                            -an essay by Elizabeth Cook
                                       -a reminiscence by Monty Phister
                                       -an introduction by Sarah McCarty and Eric Thomson

Go here for a tour of the Special Edition boxed set of the book,
and for your options in customizing it with supplemental artwork.

(NOTE 12/20/13) The book has been published and went into distribution in early December.
It is available in bookstores through Fresco Books, ISBN #1934491403.

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