The Book on Melinda Miles

The Lithographs

A traditional fine-art lithograph is one of several
types of prints created by hand directly by the artist.
In this respect it is similar to an etching or a woodcut; the artist cuts or draws the image directly into
the medium of the copper plate, the block of wood or, in lithography, the flat limestone slab. In the
case of lithography, it is customary for a master printer to then hand-print the edition under the close
supervision of the artist. This is done one copy at a time.
In modern practice, the artist limits and
numbers the edition of images printed so collectors have a clear idea of its size.

Melinda Miles created eleven such lithographic prints. However only six were fully editioned.
The following pages explain the particulars:

The six lithographs Melinda grouped under the title Curio: Curio Lithographs

The two lithographs she created with a train theme: Train Lithographs

A lithograph titled Meditation: Meditation

A lithograph with a self-portrait element: Symmetries with Face

A lithograph with only one single copy extant: Curve in the Tracks

On Pricing:

This Special Edition offer is a singular situation. We are acting as neither the artist's
dealer, nor even as the artist might in mid-career. We are the estate's trustees. In publishing the book
we are acting on behalf of the artist's interest in the life of her work.

The book will introduce Melinda's artwork to a wide audience and this Special Edition offer
will help fund that effort. Therefore, we feel justified in extending special pricing to those who
wish to participate. The prices on the above-linked pages are for a single image, which comes
with its linen folio. In an order for multiple lithograph images, we will discount as follows:

Two to three = 10%
Four to five = 20%
Six to seven = 30%
Eight or more = 40%

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